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16/07/2013 20:58

You Tube Video

Dear Participants, video of your ppt presentation will be uploaded on You Tube and it will be linked with your paper in research journal. It will give you best citation and global outreach to your research work. For more info please write us at


17/04/2013 22:42

Robotics Workshop

Robosapiens - India is a Company providing state-of-the-art Education in the field of Robotics. Our Management comprises Alumni of IIT-Kanpur, IIT-Bombay. We also have dedicated people of other IITs, IIMs and other highly reputed colleges of India like DCE, NSIT and GBPUAT who have already set...


17/04/2013 21:56

Aeromodelling Workshop

Aero360 is INDIA's Largest Professional organization dedicated to Aerospace Community, which conducts workshops/Events/Practical Engineering Methods for Engineering college students and also provide Scholarships and Sponsorship to the Students.  We are already conducting...


17/04/2013 20:51


Business simulation by Globalexperts4U A seminar dedicated to students from all backgrounds in order to provide insights about the various aspects of Business using Simulations. Business Simulation is also very useful if you want to hone your entrepreneurship skills (marketing, sales, organization,...


10/04/2013 01:31

Journals Associated with Confluence

1.International Journal of Students Research in Technology & Management (IJSRTM) ISSN 2321-2543  2. International Journal of Chemistry (ISSN 2249  2119 ) has agreed to publish good quality papers of chemistry. Thanks to Dr D V Prabhu Chief Editor and IBH. 


11/03/2013 23:44


Gyandhara International Academic Publications, Thane has all the rights to change any schedule. All these changes will be updated on our website immediately. All paticipants are expected to be in regular touch with website. Any legal matter if arises will fall in to the jurisdiction of Mumbai High...


07/03/2013 15:41

Write to us with your query / feed back

Would you like to ask us questions about the Confluence v1.0 or want to give us feed back? Please write to us on  We appreciate your queries / feedback as it helps us to continue to serve you to the best of our ability.