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Aeromodelling Workshop

17/04/2013 21:56

Aero360 is INDIA's Largest Professional organization dedicated to Aerospace Community, which conducts workshops/Events/Practical Engineering Methods for Engineering college students and also provide Scholarships and Sponsorship to the Students. 

We are already conducting many workshops and events across INDIA. We have our presence in 250+ Engineering Colleges in INDIA through Students and with newsletters and through our CAMPUS REPRESENTATIVES. 

Aero360 is founded by Aerospace Engineering Graduates who"teach ENGINEERING in the way how it is meant to be"

Aero 360 offer workshops in the following topics:

1.Glider Design, Fabricate & Fly workshop 

2.Rubber powered Glider Design, Fabricate & Fly workshop

3.Ornithopter Build & Fly workshop

4.RC Aircraft Design, Build & Fly workshop

5.RC Helicopter Build & Fly workshop.

6.Workshop on CATIA

7.Workshop on ANSYS

Our RC HELICOPTER workshop is new and called as never-seen workshop in INDIA

At the End of the workshop, we will conduct COMPETITIONS and we will give three Awards -BEST FABRICATION AWARD, BEST DESIGN AWARD & BEST FLYER AWARD.

The Students will receive certificates from us along with TAKE-AWAY Kits, Booklets, DVD's and Flying Tutorials.


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If you are interested in attending this workshop mail us  at with [Aeromodelling] in subject line.